Patrick Kanouse

Image of cover for Kill Them All including bridge in Chicago

Murder and the Cold War

Vietnam veteran Detective Dean Wallace washed out of his NYPD job. He returned home to work for his father, the chief of police in his home town. When the body of a young man turns up in the woods along with a copy of THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO and thousands in cash, Wallace not only investigates the crime but also confronts his and his family's past.

The Clearing
Coming September 2016
Image of cover for An Ingenious Murder below a black hole surrounded by ones and zeros.

Future Chicago

The year is 2102. The city is Chicago.

Detective Terence Brotsky investigates the bizarre death of a secretive AI scientist.

An Ingenious Murder
Coming September 2016

A New Series Coming in 2017

Private Detective Judah Strong, recently returned from a tuberculosis sanitarium, agrees to take the case of Eric Suzuki. As New York City ramps up for war in early 1941, will a Japanese-American be railroaded for a crime he did not commit? Or is he guilty?

Coming 2017

About Patrick Kanouse

Patrick is a mystery author, poet, and technical writer. His poetry has appeared in many journals and websites.

He works for Pearson Education, an educational publisher with offices worldwide, as the director of content creation and development platforms and teaches business report writing at IUPUI.
He lives with his wife, Gina, and their spoiled Yorkie, Kennedy, in Westfield, a suburb north of Indianapolis.

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